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  • Steve Gardiner

windmill part 2

so, myself and newly qualified son (william) arrive at the property to meet the client and the Edenis engineer who is going to reconnect the 3 phase power, he fitted a Linky (smart) meter and a new AGCP, this is a 500ma rcd to protect property and is also the main disconnect to property, the site had various old consumption meters, so we explained to Edenis engineer the oddity of the place and decided to test all bit by bit, the whole property is to be rewired, but supply needed for renovation work.

with William in the barn at the AGCP location I switched the house back on, I heard shouting from client and Edenis guy, "the windmill is turning" I thought had they not seen on arrival? I walked to where they were and looked at the windmill................

some strong language on video

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